Hamlets knowledge.So hamlet is paralyzed by the knowledge of his fathers murder(he knows who did it and why,his uncle) so that is my basic idea of my hamlet essay. my three arguments are; 1) his...

Hamlets knowledge.

So hamlet is paralyzed by the knowledge of his fathers murder(he knows who did it and why,his uncle) so that is my basic idea of my hamlet essay.

my three arguments are;

1) his relationships are ruined because of his knowledge

2) he seeks justice but contemplates many forms of justice; suicide, kill his uncle, mother, try to ruin their relationships as well as others.

3) revenge - he seeks revenge based on what he knows against his father.


Now those are my three arguments but I dont know enough or have enough points or supporting evidence for those. Can someone help me?

I just need two points for each. I already have couple points but i need more and im clueless.


thank you.

Expert Answers
Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think what you need to do is establish in your mind and in your prewriting exactly why and how those three points you mention "paralyze" Hamlet.  How does the ruining of his relationships lead to his paralysis, his inability to act, for instance?  With these three points solidified in your mind, you need to then reread the play looking for textual evidence (and taking notes when you find it) to support your points.  That's how you collect evidence to support each main point. 

For example, investigate how his failing relationship with Ophelia interrupts his plan for revenge.  How much time does Hamlet spend playing verbal and mental games handling this relationship?  How does he react to what he sees as Ophelia's betrayal? 

You may find that you need to limit your essay to one of your main points broken down into three parts.  But you can't know that until you've committed to the research.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Don’t sell yourself short. As you know enough to formulate arguments, you are not clueless. Your difficulty is perhaps in having too many arguments, and your mind is perhaps finding it difficult to focus on one main idea. I assume that by argument you mean “thesis” or the point you will prove in your essay. Focus on one, let’s say, “In Hamlet’s eyes, justice could take many forms such as committing suicide, murdering his uncle and mother, or ruining their relationships.” Then this could be broken down into the main body of your essay. Beginning with the weakest solution, and then finish with the strongest justice. You might agree that Hamlet’s ultimate solution was the strongest, or perhaps you want to argue for a different one.

sectorfoxtrot | Student

See I read the play, I made notes on it. I lost my notes and I am not willing to read the play over agian because I wont understand it. We read it as a class and everyone had to take notes by themselves, I lost them. I honestly dont know where they are. So I have no real supporting evidence for my points/arguments.


epollock | Student

I am not sure how those points paralyze Hamlet., and I am not so sure that he knows much in the way of his father's murder because he was away at school. You should try to make sure that your controlling ideas do indeed reveal what your thesis is.

sectorfoxtrot | Student

well I dont have a thesis yet, but those 3 arguments are going to be included in it. those 3 arguments are what I'm going to talk about and prove.

I dont know enough points for the arguments and I need supporting evidence from the play to support my 3 arguments.

thank you.