hamlet study guideI need help on a senior study guide over Hamlet for my senior final.  Can anybody help?

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Something else you can try in addition to the suggestions you have already received is the modern English translation of this play offered here at enotes.  My students find it helpful to be able to read the original text and then read the modern translation in order to truly understand what Shakespeare is getting at in the excerpt of text.  This will help you fully comprehend the play as well as answer any study guide questions your teacher may have given you.  Follow the link below to the translation, and good luck!  http://www.enotes.com/hamlet-text

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If you need specific answers to specific questions in a study guide provided by your teacher, you can post the questions (1 at a time) in the Question and Answer section of this site.

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What kind of help are you seeking?  Please be more specific.  You can find a Hamlet study guide here, and about 800 previously asked questions (and answers) about Hamlet at this link.

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Are you creating the study guide or do you have questions about a study guide? You should be able to find answers to what you are looking for if you ask your questions more specifically and one at-a-time.

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