Is Hamlet really crazy, or is he pretending to be crazy?

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This is likely one of the most hotly debated questions about the play and one that brings out all kinds of different answers.  There is significant evidence to suggest that he is, at least some of the time, pretending to be crazy.  At the beginning of the play it is difficult to tell...

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adeyemitao | Student

In corroborating the good answer above, I would say that Hamlet is not really crazy. He himself declares at the beginning of the play to his friend Horatio, after he has met with his ghost father. He confided in his friend that he would right away put on a strange attitude,which is,that show of madness. He uses it as a guise to prevent suspicion of his mission to avenge his father's death. He's not really crazy though not in the real sense of it. He just feigns madness. This 'antic disposition' is also used as a cover-up for his depressed and sorrowful mind.

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