In Hamlet "No Advice is Good Advice", is this statement valid?In Hamlet "No Advice is Good Advice", is this statement valid?

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charcunning eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What a great argumentative topic!

This, of course, is a very subjective question; only you can truly decide how you feel about it. I'll give you a bit of both sides so then you can decide for yourself.

It's true that no advice is good advice; when people take the advice of others they are overlooking their own true feelings and are acting on the will of others, which always lead to disaster. It is never known if the advice that a person is giving is true advice or if the giver has ulterior motives; what can they gain by you listening to their advice?

or you can say:

No, it's not true--any advice is good advice because it is best to listen to many other options before deciding. This is why Presidents have cabinets and advisers--sometimes others see things in a light that you were not able to see for yourself.

You can support either side of this with evidence from the play!