Hamlet has been described by Rebekah West as "a bad man." She argued that Hamlet is a better politician than his uncle the king. Discuss.

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Having read some of Rebekah West's criticism and description of Hamlet, it is difficult to figure out exactly what your question is trying to get at.  In terms of her description of Hamlet as a fallen human being, she says that his love for Ophelia was nothing more than lust and Ophelia herself was an impure young woman and this didn't help Hamlet's case.

Hamlet cannot even feel outrage at his mother's sin of incest because he has already fallen, according to Miss West.  She goes on to describe Claudius as a great politician who has accomplished a great deal by gaining the throne and suggest that certainly having Hamlet on the throne would not be an improvement.

The article below gives several other critical interpretations of pieces of the play and some contrasts to West's view of the play.

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