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by William Shakespeare

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What could be three paragraph topics for a Hamlet essay on Revenge? This is for a 5-paragraph essay, and I can't figure out three distinct ideas.  

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Another method of attacking this prompt might be to analyze the cost of revenge on the avenger. You might discuss the sacrifices that Hamlet must make in order to gain revenge on Claudius :  his relationships with others, his mental well-being, and ultimately his life.  You might...

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bval | Student

You could compare and contrast Hamlet’s comments about revenge to Laretes’s comments about revenge. Both have the same objective. They both want revenge for their father’s murder. From the beginning of the play Prince Hamlet wants to get revenge on Claudius for killing his father. Laertes returns from France to get revenge for the murder of his father, Polonius. You should look at Hamlet’s comments when he speaks to the ghost and his soliloquies in acts I-IV and the comments Laertes makes in act IV, scenes v and vii. You can focus each paragraph on the following: revenge, self and personal commitment.