Hamlet Characters and AnimalsIf the characters of Hamlet were represented by animals, what animal would each character be? (Hamet, Ghost, King, Queen, Ophelia, Polonius, Laertes)

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This is an interesting question and certainly a very subjective one.  Hamlet would be something quiet and pensive, like perhaps a golden retriever because he's also very loyal.  He's not without ability and power, but unless he receives a direct command, he's not quick to action.  The ghost of King Hamlet would be more like an owl: large, unapproachable, a little bit scary, and a little bit mysterious, but with a air of wisdom. King Claudius would have to be an animal that is associated with the negative, like a rat.  He killed his own brother in order to get the crown and more.  Gertrude I see as a sheep - she just follows along.  She followed Claudius, she followed Hamlet.  Ophelia would likely be an animal that is associated with softness, a sweetness, and definitely not a swimmer - perhaps a dove.  Polonius is a weasel. He is sneaky and he manuevers around in a way that makes him seem somewhat lithe.  Laertes would be a dog, too, like Hamlet. He'd be a pitbull: fierce, quick-tempered, and somewhat tenacious.