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In "Hamlet" broadly describe what solemn resolution Hamlet took when the ghost had vanished, and how that ties to him pretending to be mad. Don't quote any direct lines of the play amd please make it broad.

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You are referring to Act 1, sc. 5.  The ghost of Hamlet's father tells Hamlet how Claudius killed the sleeping king. The ghost asks Hamlet to seek revenge against Claudius.  Hamlet tells Horatio what the ghost told him, but Hamlet goes on to tell Horatio that he is going to pretend to be mad and that Horatio must swear to tell no one about what happened on this night and about the information imparted to Hamlet by the ghost.  As Hamlet asks Horatio to swear that he won't tell, the ghost also asks for them to swear.  It is not perfectly clear whether the ghost is asking Hamlet to swear to revenge or asking Horatio to swear to secrecy. Since Hamlet plans to use a feigned madness to gain some access to Claudius without being noted, it is probable that the ghost saying "Swear" is referring to both Hamlet's pledge to avenge his father's death and Horatio's pledge to keep secret all that has gone on this night.

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