What would Hamlet say to Gertrude?Imagine the conversation Hamlet might have with his mother, Gertrude, if he had confronted her directly on the issue of her hasty marriage to his father's brother.

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Hamlet does in fact confront his mother, in Act III, Scene 4, and lambasts her for marrying Claudius, who is a pale reflection of his father. He expresses disgust at what he calls incest, accusing her of living in:

...the rank sweat of an enseamed bed,(100) 
Stew'd in corruption, honeying and making love 
Over the nasty sty!

She has betrayed his father's memory by marrying his uncle so quickly, a fact he makes clear even before he tells her that Claudius was guilty of the murder of King Hamlet.

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I do not think it would be a pleasant conversation, first of all. Hamlet is unlikely to see Gertrude's point of view. He isn't going to consider her an innocent victim. He blames her, but what could she have done?

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