If Halloween Candy is sold at two pieces for .5 cents, how many pieces may Caspar purchase for $5.55?

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This can be a little tricky. The most important point to remember is that two pieces of candy cost .5 cents, which is a half of a penny. This means for one penny you can get four pieces of candy. Once you have this in your mind, the rest is simple arithmetic.

If we try to solve this problem in a few steps, then for one dollar you can get 400 pieces of candy. For five dollars you can get 2,000 pieces of candy.

From this point, all we need to do is calculate how many pieces of candy we can get from .55 cents. To calculate this all we need to do is multiply .55 cents by 4. If we do this, we get, 220. Now add.

The total answer is 2220 pieces of candy.

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