Compare and Contrast the personalities of Hagar's two brothers in "The Stone Angel"

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Yes, Dan is delicate and lazy and usually sickly.  He is four years older than Hagar, but dies at 18 after catching a fever when falling into a river.  Matt is the oldest brother, and he is basically the opposite.  He is strong and a hard worker, and works in his father's store.  However, he is clumsy.  He also dies young, of influenza.

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Matt and Dan are very different.

"Called Dan by his family, he is delicate, lazy, and often in poor health."

"Matt works hard in his father's store but he is clumsy. Ambitious, he dreams of becoming a lawyer."

The one thing they have in common is that they both die at a young age.  Dan dies from a fever, after falling in a frozen river; Matt dies from influenza.