The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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If I had to write a news article on why John Proctor's arrest in The Crucible and include some information on him and his wife, what information should I use?

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If you were writing a news article about John and Elizabeth Proctor the best way to approach it would be as a human interest story. You'd need to concentrate less on the actual Salem witch-craze and more on the effect that it's had on the Proctors and their marriage. To that end, it's important to include as much biographical and background information as possible, to put their stories into context. There's nothing that people like more than a good old triumph-over-adversity story. That's why it's important to stress how the Proctors have been coping with their terrifying ordeal, how they've managed to keep their marriage together despite everything that's been happening.

Human interest stories tend to be quite sympathetic to their subjects, so it might be a good idea to present John and Elizabeth as innocent victims of the mass hysteria that's been plaguing Salem. Bad things happening to...

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