If I had to write a news article on why John Proctor's arrest in The Crucible and include some information on him and his wife, what information about them should I use?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John and Elizabeth Proctor are well-known figures in Salem. They each have reputations and public identities that can be used in a news-style article. 

First, John Proctor is known as an honest man, even fiercely honest.

Proctor is an ordinary man, a blunt farmer who speaks his mind and is often ruled by his passions.

He does not hide his distaste for Reverend Parris, believing Parris to be selfish and greedy. This animosity leads to Proctor's choice not to baptize his youngest child. He does not want Parris to touch him. This enmity between the two men can be included in a news story about Proctor. 

Proctor's arrest comes after his admission to adultery. This scandalous news is followed by Elizabeth's attempt to protect her husband from public shame. She denies that the affair took place.

Her loyalty to John is most clearly demonstrated when, thinking to protect him, she denies that he has committed adultery.

Elizabeth is known publicly to be a kind and upstanding citizen. She is seen as being quite moral (until she is accused of witchcraft).