Had Ikemefuna lived, do you think Nyoye would have joined the white church? Why or why not?this question comes from the novel things fall apart

Expert Answers
MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the chance would have been diminished. Nwoye joins the church because he feels isolated, alone, never understood. With Ikemefuna, he was more open, more willing to express his personality. Ikemefuna's presence seemed to offset Okonkwo's overbearing and violent nature. His death came just as Nwoye was becoming aware of his role within the culture, and it shocked his beliefs in the tribe's traditions. If Ikemefuna had grown up with him, Nwoye would have felt a kindred spirit, someone who would share his interests and trials. He may not have needed the security and community that church provides.

However, Ikemefuna's death was not the only source of Nwoye's disillusionment with the tribe. After his friend's killing. Nwoye feels something snap inside him. He feels this same snap when he hears twins crying the woods, and knows they have been left to die according to the village's laws. So there are other practices in his culture having nothing to do with Ikemefuna that he rejects. Thus, even if Ikemefuna had lived, it may not have been enough to keep Nwoye within the Ibo community.