If I had $100,000 to invest, which market stocks are good to invest in? Which consumer goods stocks are good and stable? Why? What is the best way to use money?

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appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some of the best stocks to invest in that should prove stable and prone to growth are companies working with environmental sustainability. As growing populations strain resources, and global climate change affects weather patterns causing catastrophic damage, the kinds of infrastructural changes needed to address these problems will be of interest to both entrepreneurs and established companies looking to capitalize upon the needs of consumers and communities looking for more sustainable options. One of these areas is related to alternative fuels: companies designing and installing solar powered heating and cooling systems for housing and buildings will continue to grow. As well, companies looking to help refurbish existing structures and retrofitting them for better energy efficiency will continue to see growth; so investing in these types of companies within the construction industry could prove profitable. These are more pragmatic types of investments, dealing directly with physical infrastructure. There are more abstract options for investing as well, including companies that deal with carbon trading and cleantech. One thing to be aware of is that a great many companies are assessed for their sustainability and green economy status via organizations and indexes that oversee their performance, such as the Socially Responsible Investment Index. The World Federation of Exchanges maintains a website that lists many such exchanges and news about them to help potential investors and stockholders keep track of the international activity in this area.

mdmconsult | Student

Many consumer-sector stocks sport dividend yields in excess of 10-year Treasurys, and while the payouts are not airtight U.S. government debt, these companies produce steady cash flows that should keep the dividend payments coming.