H1N1I was walking around the other teachers and found out that everybody should think about getting more hand sanitizer and make sure kids will use some. What u think about that?

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My school has about four different bugs going around right now. It is so severe that we were given hand sanitizers. I try to have some on hand, but I admit that when things get busy it is not something that I tend to remember or focus on. It's scary.
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Our PTA installed some motion sensor hand sanitizer machines in the cafeteria and library and it really increased awareness amongst our students.  We buy our own bottles as a department and the kids use it a lot.  I think it is worth the cost in GOLD.  Another thing I do is have the kids wipe down the desks with spray cleaner and paper towels about once a week; I wipe the door handle, light switches, etc.  They say it reminds them of elementary school (I teach 11th grade), but they don't mind having clean desks!

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We've had several cases of H1N1 at my school of 2300 students.  I have noticed that more teachers are stocking hand sanitizer, and I have made it available to my students for several years (although this year, my students have gone through more of it). I try to use it as much as possible in front of my students to encourage them to do so, and I also use the Lysol wipes on desks about every other day.

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Our district has had sanitizers in our classrooms for several years. This year our janitorial staff researched and found a cleaner that will kill germs for a period of time after it is used, can't think of what it is called right now but it seems to be working. We also have someone on our janitorial staff who goes through the buildings during the day cleaning door knobs, pencil sharpeners, water fountains and other surfaces that kids frequently touch.

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An interesting bit of information that I heard on the news this week. The hand sanitizers are good for killing germs that are currently on hands. However, the sanitizer does not work as a germ deterrent. There are actually some sanitizers out there that will kill the germs on the hands, and then keep killing new germs as they get on the hands.

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I've been happy to see hand sanitizer more readily available not just in schools but in other public facilities. Our local library has a dispenser in the entry way. At the grocery store you can grab a sanitizing wipe to disinfect your cart before you enter the store. With all the budget cuts to schools I have wondered how they're paying for it, although I think they did put a call out to parents asking for donations.

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After two cases of H1N1 in our district, there must have been complaints, or concerns, or angry parents, because our district actually spent the money for wall-mounted dispensers in every classroom. It's interesting: here, the students are much more likely to use the sanitizers than the teachers. They definitely don't need any encouragement from me! I think part of the reason teachers don't use it more often is that many of us bring our own sanitizer. Having them in open sight in the classroom creates a different climate concerning health and responsibility. It certainly encourages conscientiousness about health, globalization, and the spread of illness.

Of course, I know this isn't a viable option for all schools/districts due to budget restraints. Frankly, I'm not even sure how my district pulled it off.

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I can't see what would be wrong with the idea.  They say that germs passed on by hands are one of the major ways of spreading the flu.  So why not have people sanitize their hands at school since that's a real hotbed for germs...

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In our school we have janitors that do similar tasks but we also ask students as part ofthei supply lists to bring things like Lysol Wipes...I personally hve the students wipe down their desks every two days or so and have had limited absences do to illness this year.