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How can I print the summary of David Copperfield?

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Enotes is a valuable resource.  While some resources are free, such as asking questions and creating discussions, you have to pay for others.  Usually when you are struggling it is well worth it, because you have personalized interactive help and some of the best study resources available.  Not only can you get a summary of the book, you can get a chapter by chapter summary with analysis.

There are two ways you can print the summary for this book.  First of all, you can become an enotes member.  You can join by the month or year.  There are two different memberships: basic pass and premium pass.  Both will get you access.  Since you will likely need help again, this is your most cost effective option.  If you can’t afford it, your parents will usually agree to help you pay for it when you explain how helpful it will be.  With a membership, you can access more than one study guide and print whatever you want.

One you have a membership, you can print out the summary to David Copperfield.  With a pass, you can save the summary as a PDF or print it out.  You can join for just one month!  For only $14.95 you can enjoy all of the David Copperfield study guide, ask 3 questions a day and view any other study guides you want.  You can cancel any time, so there’s no risk.  For $19.95, the monthly premium membership, you can ask 5 questions a day and a little star will appear by your question, giving you priority so you’ll get help faster.  You can also sign up for  a whole year, which saves you money over the monthly membership.


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