In "Guns, Germs, and Steel", Chapter Two, how did each of the six environmental factors affect the Polynesians?

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There were six environmental factors that affected the Polynesians. These were island climate, geological type, marine resources, area, terrain fragmentation, and isolation.

The island climate varied diversely from places where it rained a lot to islands where the rainfall was barely sufficient for agriculture.

While some islands had a lot of natural mineral resources and rocks to be used for various purposes, while others barely rose above the sea and only had a thin layer of sand.

Many of the islands provided the islanders with access to rich marine resources like fish etc. while others had very little of the same.

Some of the islands were small with a few hundred acres of area while larger ones had an area of over 100,000 square miles.

In terms of isolation, some islands had ever been visited by anyone except those who lived on them while there were others with regular contact with other islands for various purposes.

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