Guide me for doing a cultural linguistic study of two novelists: Chinua Achebe & Anita Desai.This is a comparative study for research programme.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that in doing a study of this magnitude with such powerful writers, some elements will have to be addressed through thought and care.  The first would be to study the relationship between the writers and their own senses of culture and linguistics.  How did each grow up?  Where did each experience their own emerging senses of the world?  What were some of the moments in their lives that left profound impacts on their work?  The next step would involve isolating your selection of work from the author.  You will be speaking in broad terms about culture and its implications from each author, and might have to draw from multiple works, but it is best to hone in your analysis and research to two to three main works/ work samples from the authors.  This will compel you to be quite familiar with some of the authors' works.  In these specific work samples, the next step would be to examine how each author analyzes and addresses culture and the variables that impact it.  What does "culture" look like for each author? What plays dominant roles in its formation? How do men and women look in these cultural and linguistic visions?  What roles does change and tradition play in these settings?  What other elements play a formative role?  How is this similar to their own experiences and how is it divergent from it?

These could constitute a starting point for a study of both thinkers.