GrowthIsn't it scary when you are on your own?

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It can be, if you don't feel like you are ready. This can be the case whether someone is young or older. Lots of divorced people find themselves alone and worried or scared in their middle age.

Some folks don't function as well alone as others might. I've never been alone for any significant period of time. I think that if I suddenly was I'd have a pretty difficult time staying focused. I just don't think I'd do as well without somebody pretty much always around to bounce thoughts off of. Yeah, I admit, I'd be scared.

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I am assuming you are in college and living away from home for the first time. It is good to maintain a support system during this time, however, learning to live on your own is your first step to being a successful adult. Everyone is different in terms of emotional needs--some do better alone and others need a group of people around. Try to make friends in your new environment, be open to calling family or friends when you feel the need. Join clubs, teams or other social activities where people have things in common with you. Remember, new phases in life can be scary or trying or even difficult, but, eventually, you will grow and become a much stronger person!

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It can be scary to be on one’s own.  I strongly suggest settling in a place with family near.  You don’t want your family to be too near, because then you really cannot grow.  However, having someone nearby who can be there when you really do need help is important.  You should get your training wheels first, so to speak.

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That depends on what you mean by "on your own."  The first time you leave the home you were raised in and have to manage your own home, it can be very scary.  It is difficult to manage finances, time, school, and work.  Some people do very well with it while others do not.  Even the most successful people probably felt nervous the first time they stepped out on their own.  Many teenagers long to be "on their own", but it is still scary at first.

As far as just spending time without other people, that can also be frightening for some.  A person who is an extrovert needs other people to give them strength and energy.  On the other hand, an introvert actually needs time away from other people.  For them, being alone would be welcome rather than scary.

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Growth - If you need a good growth, everyday sleep atleast 10 hours.


Sleeping increases the humons of becoming tall.

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Some people feel uncomfortable when they are alone, they need people around them. Solitude does seem a bit scary. You have to let go of the idea "I am alone"  because there's always someone that cares about you. Some people really try hard not be alone in their future life because they are scared of being alone. Being alone is not something that is always bad, except if you have a sense of rejection and insecurity. Your question could be interpreted in different ways so I do not know if I am trully answering your question. Some people even like being alone.

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