In Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society, edited by Robert Neimeyer, et. al., in Chapter 14 he talks about "nuggets", I didn't understand what he meant can you help explain it?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In psychology, as with many other academic fields of study, use of the word “nuggets” or the phrase “golden nuggets” simply refers to bits of wisdom passed along from one to another.  In the context of discussions of grief and loss, as covered in Robert Neimeyer and his co-editors and authors in Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society, “nuggets” again refers to sage advice or valuable information often gleaned through a combination of scholarship and practical experience.  Throughout the literature of psychology, professionals routinely use this word to denote such valuable pieces of information conveyed from one colleague to another, often involving a mentor-protégé relationship.  “Knowledge nuggets” is simply another way of describing the same brief but academically enlightening examples of wisdom. 

Chapter 14 of Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society, titled “Restorative Retelling: Revising the Narrative of Violent Death,” and written by Edward K. Rynearson and Alison Salloum, group intervention on behalf of grieving individuals, especially those having a particularly difficult time overcoming their grief and “moving on,” the natural interaction of the group is used for gleaning “nuggets” of information from among participants.  Especially in cases of sudden, violent deaths, the inability of grieving relatives and friends to climb out of the depths of depression and resume functioning on a more ‘normal’ or productive level can often be helped through the provision of stories by others who have experienced the same or similar losses of loved ones under violent circumstances.  Again, these stories, which may include “nuggets” of wisdom or knowledge gleaned from experience are often useful in helping grieving individuals relate their tragedies or losses to those of others, and to observe for themselves the restorative power of communication.  In addition, by convincing grieving individuals to relate their own stories, often by displaying mementos and photographs of the deceased loved one, the group can better understand the unique situation of the grieving individual and are better equipped themselves to provide words of encouragement or advice.

In short, “nuggets,” in the context of discussions of loss and grief, refers to bits of wisdom and knowledge passed along from one person to another.

science2014 | Student

'Nuggets' means small pieces. Bits of knowledge or information is often times termed as 'wisdom nuggets'. However, in chapter 14 of Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society, edited by Robert Neimeyer et al., 'nuggets' stands for the signs of strength and resilience that a bereaved person needs upon loss of their loved ones.