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Explain the poem "As I Grew Older" by Langston Hughes.  Include its form and structure.  

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Langston Hughes wrote about dreams, inequality, and oppression in his imagery poems.  He was considered to be the best of the Harlem Renaissance poets.  His beautiful poetry speaks not only to the black nation but to all people who have dreams and who fight to achieve them.

“As I Grew Older” is one of Hughes' lesser known poems. It has many of the same ideas that he expressed in his Harlem Dreams poems.  Hughes’ theme spans several poems: never give up; fight to have equality in an unjust society; and always keep hope in a person’s heart.

The poem is written as one long stanza. It might be broken apart through the development of the person who speaks in the poem: the youth and the adult. As in many of Hughes’ literature, the poem follows a jazzy rhythm based on repetitive musical phrases, and repetitive words.  The poem is written in free verse with irregular line lengths and no specific rhyme scheme.  The diction

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