Examine the scene in The Dead by James Joyce when Gretta explains why she is wearing galoshes. What picture of her marriage with Gabriel emerges from the interchange (spoken and unspoken) between Gretta, Gabriel, and Aunts Kate and Julia?

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The Dead by James Joyce is from The Dubliners series of short stories, all of which reveal aspects of society or flaws of human nature. Gabriel considers himself to be a knowledgeable man, superior to most of the fiercely proud Irish family and friends who have gathered at the annual dance. He is affectionate and loving towards his aunts and his wife but his tone is patronizing. As they have arrived late at the dance, Gabriel blames his wife for her efforts to get ready, since she took "three mortal hours to dress herself." Joyce is setting the scene and creating the stereotypes to ensure that the reader understands the traditional roles against which Gabriel measures each person. 

While discussing the journey he and Gretta will make home after the party Gabriel insists that he and...

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