Grendel's motheri need to write and essay in grendls mother and i need help

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Though Grendel's mother is clearly a monster, it might be interesting to compare her to a "normal" mother. There are supernatural and other-worldly elements to her character; however, she is also just a mother who has lost a son. You might be surprised at how human this monster is once you start looking.

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Here are a few suggestions for topics or questions you ask yourself that relate to Grendel's mother.  Once you think about these topics/questions, you can then craft an essay about her. 

  • How does her wanting vengeance for her son's death fit with the Anglo-Saxon codes of life?
  • How does she fight?  Does she fight fair?
  • How do her weapons match those of Beowulf?
  • What is the significance of the battle taking place in her fen, rather than the mead-hall?

Good Luck!


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thank you