Green Marketingworld thinks of green concept in the living environment....

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I do think there are some instances where companies try to take advantage of people's desires to help the environment and they say their product is green, when it really is not.  In some cases, buying these green products really does not help anyone.

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If the question here is "To what extent do green products have to actually be ecologically friendly to be seen as being 'green'?", I'd say the answer is going to lean toward "only a small extent". 

Products marketed as green will be accepted as being ecologically friendly even if they are not especially ecologically friendly. Take the popular metal water bottles for an example. 

These bottles are re-usable, which is great, but they require new mining of materials for their production. This mining process uses fossil fuels to such a degree that the ecological benefit of the re-usable water bottle is cancelled out. 

The bottles are successfully marketed as being "green" anyway. 

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