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green clothes stakeholders. who have an itnerest in green clothing who are they and what are their views, evidence why do they have these views, evidence what are the concusions now for how green are the clothes we buy?    

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In the broadest possible sense, we are all stakeholders in the issue of green clothing, just as we are in any issue that involves the environment. In a more narrow sense, stakeholders are those who profit from, or at least make a living from, the clothing industry. Cotton is one of the world's most important crops, and millions depend on it for income in one way or another, but it is also very capital and resource intensive, and one might argue that lands and resources used in its production might be better allocated to food production and to alleviate water shortages. Yet a commitment to recycling clothing (a movement in which I participate as a consumer) could if carried to its extreme conclusion lead to loss of important jobs and investment in some of the world's developing economies. There are few easy answers in this issues.

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For me:
 I think green clothes,,,,,,  "very nice".
 And no one hates the color green.
 "Green is the color of nature."