green clothes what are green clothes?   points to consider; sustainable, no harm to the enviroment, fair trade, good working conditions, locally sourced and locally made, companies that make sustainable clothes, reduce reuse recyle

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A few years ago, I starting looking at thrift stores. In some upscale second-hand clothing stores, there are nice barely used clothes. It seems like a small thing, but every piece of used clothing you buy is one less that has to be made in a factory. If everyone was willing to buy used clothing, it would be great for the environment. It creeps many people out to buy previously worn clothes though (even through they are sanitized), so it requires a culture shift.
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As post 2 indicates, the greenest clothing is that manufactured from recycled materials. Clothing manufacturers are discovering new ways to make synthetic fibers from recycled plastics, and now some cotton cloth is also made from recycled post-consumer fiber. Even some shoe soles are now made from recycled rubber. But the vast majority of clothing is produced using practices that are injurious to the environment. Growing cotton, a "natural" fiber, uses lots of fertilizers and pesticides, which are, like synthetic fibers, made from petrochemicals.

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You've pretty much identified the issues that are involved here.  You would have to think about things like cotton vs. artificial clothes.  Is growing the cotton worse for the environment than producing the polyester, for example?  One kind of clothing that's pretty green is stuff made from recycled plastics.  

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