How could the Greek Tragedy, Antigone, by Sophocles be marketed today as a movie using the elements of The Human Condition? 

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question and a very exciting project. The basic premise of the play is that there is conflict and tension, which leads to enormous tragedies. On the one hand, Antigone, the protagonist, wants to be a faithful sister by burying her brother, Polynices, who has fallen in battle. On the other hand, Creon, the leader of Thebes, forbids this on pain of death because Polynices brought a foreign army into Thebes. 

Antigone goes through with it, knowing her punishment. Creon asks his son Haemon, who also happens to be Antigone's lover, what he should do. Heamon says that Creon should allow the burial. Creon refuses until the blind prophet Tiresias strikes fear into his heart by speaking of the judgment of the gods. 

Creon finally relents, but it is too late. Antigone already buried her brother and committed suicide. When Heamon hears about this, in passion he lunges for his father and he, too, commits suicide, as he clutches the dead body of Antigone.

There are three conflicts here: (1) conflict between state and individual, (2) conflict between father and son, (3) conflict between family responsibility and lawful obligation. What makes this a great tragedy is that the answers are not clear. Each tension has valid points. 

This is where the human condition comes in. We all live in a world where these tensions exist. So, when we make a decision, we sometimes hurt one area in order to do the right thing in another. This is part of what it means to live in a broken world. Also this problem is part of what it means to be human. If we treat these "conflicts of interest" in a sympathetic light, we will divide the audience and make them think, which is what makes a movie great. 

So, create a storyline where a person must choose between country or family, lover or father. In the end, that person will suffer for it, and that person may take his or her own life. If so, we have tragedy in the style of Sophocles, the great playwright. 

If this is done well, it will resonate with all people, as we touch upon a universal condition of humanity.