greek tragedies Why do you believe they are relevant today?

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The Greek tragedies are the benchmarks of tragedy. As mshurn has so cogently stated, they do, indeed, examine the basic nature of human beings, and, for this reason, they are of paramount importance.

Sophocles's "Oedipus Rex" defines tragedy for the reader, containing the six elements of tragedy found in Aristotle's Poetics with plot, characters, theme, language/diction, music, and spectacle.  For the reader of this Greek tragedy,  hubris, an element of tragedy, is defined in the arrogance demonstrated by Oedipus as a result of his harmartia, or tragic mistake.  The relief of emotional tension after the climax is known as catharsis. Clearly, after one reads the Greek tragedies, he/she gleans a better understanding of Shakespearean tragedies and of modern tragedies.  The relevancy of these Greek tragedies is not just applicable to those who are "interested in them."  The relevance is intrinsic to the understanding of the tragedies that have followed them.  People who study the tragedies...

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