In the Greek play "Antigone", why does Ismene plead Antigone not to defy Creon.

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Ismene, Antigone's sister reminds her that they are both only women, and therefore, they are powerless in their society.  Although the society was a democracy, it was liminted to men, women had no rights, no say, no authority under the law. 

"Democracy was practiced differently in Ancient Greece than it is in the modern United States. Full citizenship, which included the right to vote, was only given to free men; women and slaves were not considered full citizens and so lacked the same rights as men. They were forced to follow a different code of conduct. Despite such inequities and restrictions."

The King, not only a man, but a powerful authority figure with the ability to put someone to death for defying his orders, is not someone to go against Ismene tells Antigone . ...

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