In the Greek Civilization, what is the relationship betwn the indivudual liberty of the male & the supression of the city's women, slavs & foreighners?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Greek city was actually called polis (plural poleis). There were many Greek cities. One of the things that the Greeks did not do was to create a nation. They remained separate city states. In view of this, slave and women had vastly different rights. It all depended on which city you were a part of. For example, Spartan women were considered powerful and had certain freedoms. However, women from Athens had less power and it is even debated whether they could attend the theater. In terms of voting, both slaves and women were not allowed.

Status of slaves also varied considerably. Slaves were treated the worst in Sparta. Sparta was a slave culture. They subjugated a whole people (Helots) to do their farming, so that they could train in the army. Once a year Spartan young men would even go out to kill their slaves to keep them in a perpetual state of fear.

One final factor should be considered. Greek civilization lasted a long time. So, role over times changed.

samjazael123 | Student

well I think the greek city states known as the polaris was pretty much libertarian in which the people of the time where not that supressive as history states. the greeks where actually the first, democracy and let everyone have the right as one another. The slaves where usually the enemy from battle which greeces most prized enemy was the persians which their empire even expanded in eastern europe which was seen as a threat.

I know the individual liberty was a entire different issue in greece in which the wealthy where more absolute in power, yet the poor also  called δμώς / dmôs which where in fact the most slaves the treating towards women was a total different story and it was basically their job to raise the children make their men happy "laugh" and to support the goverment by helping others. Actually some women had great amounts of status quo and in fact where equal to men one example was "the oracles of delphi" whom helped predict on how to conquer the persians...the history goes that she predicted that the greeks must lose in battle and fight another day to conquer and to become an empire.

Slaves in fact where given rights as well far beyond what some think they where treated poorly, but after a certain amount of years they would automatically be freed from slavery as long as they obeyed the rules. Some former slaves ended up striking rich as traders or merchents. if your a liberal whom sees history as a time of supression it wasn't till the times of the romans that things got alot out of hand. The greeks where highly known as the founders of western civilizations.