The great Victorian poets lacked the fire and passion that we find in the poets of the Romantic period.  Where does Dylan Thomas fit into the two poetic directions?

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lprono eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both the Romantic and Victorian periods had finished by the 1930s, the time Thomas began to publish his poetry collections. However, Thomas is generally perceived as reacting against the prevailing realist and politically-committed mood of the 1930s. In his poetry, he went back to the exploration of themes which had been dear both to the Romantics (so much so that he's sometimes labelled as "new romantic") and the Victorians such as the unity of man and nature, man's relationship to religion and Christianity, the oxymoronic unity of life and death and the research and use of folk materials in poetry. Shelley has been quoted as an influence on one of Thomas's most famous poem "And Death Shall Have no Dominion" and Thomas's repeated appeals to imagination and intuition to grasp the wonders of God's Creation have been described as distinctively Romantic.