In "The Great Gatsby", what impresses the drunk man in the library, and what name does Nick give him?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The drunken man in the library is impressed that all of the books in Gatsby's library are real. However, when he examines the books, he finds that none of the books have been opened or read. Nick names the character "Owl Eyes", indicating some kind of wisdom like a wise, old owl. What Owl Eyes has just "illuminated" is the true character of Gatsby. Like the books, Gatsby is real, but he is like on of his unopened book. Many people have heard of Gatsby but no one really knows or understands him. As for Gatsby himself, having an entire library of unread books shows that he is more interested in show than knowledge. Despite of all his wealth, Gatsby is "ignorant".

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