To what extent is The Great Gatsby characterized by misidentification?

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Misidentification is an interesting theme to use for The Great Gatsby. Gatsby himself is a constructed persona. People identify him as Jay Gatsby, a wealthy urban professional. But originally, he is James Gatz, a naive man from a small town. 

Gatsby has this idealized vision of Daisy and it is something that she can never live up to. In addition to that, when he meets her again, years after their original courtship, Gatsby's vision has not changed. But Daisy certainly has changed. She still has feelings for Gatsby (Gatz) but she has moved on, gotten married, and become accustomed to wealth. She is not perfect. But Gatsby continues to view her as such. He, therefore, makes it a practice of misidentifying her. He shapes the idea of her identity in his mind, just as...

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