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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter four Jordan tells Nick that Gatsby fell in love with Daisy in 1917, so early in the book we see that the two have a long history. Nick doesn't know the full extent of their relationship until later in the book.

In chapter eight, after the death of Myrtle, Nick is having a hard time sleeping. He goes over to Gatsby's house to try to convince him to leave town until everything is sorted out. Gatsby refuses to leave. He knows that leaving town means leaving Daisy. Gatsby then begins to tell Nick of how they met. It was 1917 in Louisville, Kentucky. Gatsby was stationed nearby and met Daisy. He was instant smitten with her wealth. He was also very attracted to her beauty and youthful innocence. Gatsby knew that Daisy would not give him a chance, if she knew that he was poor. He decides then to lie about his past and his current circumstances. As the time comes closer for Gatsby to go to war, Daisy promises to wait for him. The two then sleep together, as if sealing their pact. Daisy, however, doesn't wait for Gatsby. She ends up marrying Tom, who is her social equal. Tom is also the choice of her parents. 

This chapter is the catalysis of the whole story. We learn that Gatsby is just as obsessed with Daisy as he is wealth. He doesn't want to leave town, because being without Daisy again, is like a death for him. In the end he dies without her anyway. Neither his love for Daisy or his love of wealth, can save him.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With autobiographical overtones to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby comes from another part of the country to Camp Taylor near St. Louis, Missouri. While stationed there he met Daisy when he joined other officers who went to her luxurious house.

Amazed by her house and wealth, Jay Gatsby took Daisy under false pretenses because he led her to believe that he, too, came from a wealthy family. Nevertheless, "he felt married to her, that was all." He sacrificed his visionary dream to material acquisition as he was so impressed by Daisy's wealth. In Chapter Eight, Gatsby tells Nick,

"Well, there I was, way off my ambitions, getting deeper in love every minute, and all of a sudden I didn't care. What was the use of doing great things if I could have a better time telling her what I was going to do?"

It was then that Daisy became Gatsby's "grail." Thenceforth, all that he did was designed for the attainment of this grail. Having led her to believe that he was wealthy, Gatsby set out to become rich. Five years later, his dream reduced to material gain, Gatsby returns to recapture Daisy. but, while he has been gone, she has found a substitute for Gatsby in Tom Buchanan, who has proposed with a $350,000 pearl necklace. Now, he must re-win Daisy.



Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Daisy and Gatsby met for the first time in Louisville where he was stationed at Camp Taylor as a young officer before being shipped overseas during World War I. Daisy was very popular among the officers at Camp Taylor, and Gatsby went with some of them to visit Daisy, meeting her for the first time. After a while, Gatsby went to Daisy's house without the others. Their love affair began and lasted for a month before he had to leave to go to the war. 

After a five-year separation, they meet again in West Egg where Gatsby has bought a huge mansion across the bay from the Buchanans' estate. Their reunion occurs when Nick arranges it, at Gatsby's request, inviting Daisy to tea at his cottage where Gatsby waits for her.

melissa1106 | Student

Daisy first meets Gatsby before he goes off to fight in World War II. Jordan Booker, Daisy's friend was there and she said that Daisy and Gatsby were talking in her car and they got to know each other. Gatsby went off to war and he did not see Daisy until five years later where he moves into a house across the bay from Daisy.

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