Describe the coat from Gatsby's acquaintance, Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby.

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Continuing his satire of the nouveau riche, Fitzgerald has the reader meets Meyer Wolfscheim in Chapter Four of The Great Gatsby, shortly after Gatsby avows to Nick Carraway that he has come from a wealthy family in the Mid-west of "San Francisco" and has attended Oxford University in England.  Not the sort of man who would be normally in the society of an Oxford man, Wolfscheim sits with Gatsby in the Forty-second Street cellar.  Mr. Wolfscheim broods gloomily and with paranoia about the "old Metropole" being filled "with faces dead and gone" as he and six others sat at a table when rosy Rosenthal was shot.

As he talks, Meyer Wolfscheim turns to Nick and mistakenly assumes, "I understand you're looking for a business gonnegtion."  It is as they talk that Nick notices his "cuff buttons" which are fashioned of "oddly familiar pieces of ivory."  Wolfsheim informs Nick that they are the "Finest specimens of human molars."  From his conversations and from his taste in cuff links, Meyer Wolfscheim is member of the subclass, a racketeer that preys upon others.

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