The Great Gatsby essay help, please. I only need help for introdcution and I will do the rest paragraphs by myself by following the introduction.The following is my essay topic. Can anyone do me a...

The Great Gatsby essay help, please. I only need help for introdcution and I will do the rest paragraphs by myself by following the introduction.

The following is my essay topic. Can anyone do me a sample or example of introduction paragraphs including opening setence, 3 supporting arguments and thesis. I will follow the idea yr introduction paragraph to continue on the rest of paragraphs.


Explain the importance of wealth and poverty in The Great Gatsy

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is really good practice for you to write your opening paragraph yourself. This is an important part of writing because the first paragraph makes the first impression. You must have a dynamite opening sentence and state your thesis clearly.

So, I will give you some ideas about wealth and poverty in this novel, and then see if you can do the paragraph yourself.

This entire novel is about wealth and poverty. The two main characters, Gatsby and Daisy, each represent one; Daisy represents wealth and Gatsby represents poverty. Oh, I know that when we meet Gatsby, he is not poverty-stricken, but that is the whole point of the novel. Gatsby WAS a poverty-stricken youth - he came from nothing, and all he had was a fancy officer's uniform and his good looks. Daisy fell in love with him, but they could not marry. She was far above him because of money. Both of them knew this, so in a sense, their love was doomed because, as the novel points out, just because one accumulates money does not necessarily change one's social status. This is what happens to Gatsby.

He makes it a point in life to achieve money. We never know what his business is, but it is shady -- bootlegging no doubt. He becomes incredibly wealthy, but if you'll notice, he only lives on WEST EGG. All the really rich people, the ones whose families have money, live on EAST EGG. Gatsby tries to overcome his poverty by accumulating wealth, but he does not change his social status, so he is doomed. The people that attend his parties do not even know him. Most have never met him.

Look for some examples of the money theme in the novel -- there are tons. For example, at one point, Gatsby tells Nick that Daisy's voice sounds like "money." Another example you can use is the chapter where Tom, Daisy, Nick, Jordan and Gatsby are hanging around one afternoon bored and with nothing to do. It is hot, so they decide to go into the city to have an adventure. They don't even have a plan. Who but the very idly rich can do something like this? Just hang out, go rent an expensive room in a hotel in NYC, and smoke cigarettes and drink.

Another example -- at one point, Tom brags that he is the only man he knows that has turned a garage into a stable. Most people turn stables into garages on East Egg. In contrast, Gatsby has done just the opposite and has his gaudy car stored in his garage, which he thinks is pretty cool, but a car is an example of money, not class. Tom's polo ponies are examples of family wealth. Gatsby is "nouveau riche" - newly rich.

Maybe you could open your paragraph with a cool quote from the novel about money - like the one about Daisy's voice sounding like money.

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