In the Great Gatsby compare and contrast the characters of Daisy and Myrtle Wilson

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When comparing and contrasting Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson it is important to look at all aspects of the characters. Physically, they are quite different. Daisy is referred to as light and glamorous, while Myrtle is characterized as overweight and gaudy in appearance. By demonstrating their distinct physical differences, Fitzgerald allows us to play favorites with Daisy, even though the two women do share a number of similarities in terms of their actual lives. Both women carry on affairs, and are desperately unhappy with their personal lives. Tom Buchanan also abuses both women in one way or another. The women's standing in society are also vastly different. Myrtle's husband runs an automotive repair shop and station, while Tom is a trust fund baby. He comes from great wealth and a high class family, which is alluring to both Myrtle and Daisy. There are many more similarities and differences, but this is certainly a good start.   

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1. They are both unhappily married

2. They both are lovers of Tom Buchanan. (wife/mistress)

3. They both have affairs with people that are not their husbands.

4. They both are lower-class than their lovers.


1. Daisy is richer and in a better part of town than Myrtle.

2. Daisy wants Gatsby while Myrtle wants Tom.

3. Daisy is related to Nick and Myrtle is not

4. Myrtle dies by accident because of he affair, Gatsby dies by murder because of Daisy.

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Daisy has more of an innocent air around her but it created because of the way she presents herself with an idiot bubbly personality. However Myrtle seems more calculation and mischievous and as opposed to Daisy her husband really loves her where as Daisy's husband is more obsessed with the thought of having her. However both Daisy and Myrtle are unhappily married and in love with different men.