What Is Daisy's Opinion Of Gatsby's Party

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Daisy tries very hard to appear to be impressed by Gatsby's guests and by his party.  The atmosphere at the party is subdued compared to the usual frivolity at Gatsby's parties however.  This is partly due to Tom being there.  Tom, acting opposite of Daisy, tries very hard to put down everyone at and everything about Gatsby's party.  He recognizes people and is secretly somewhat impressed by the group that Gatsby has gathered, but aloud he says that he doesn't know any of them.  Daisy's obvious effort, though, to appear impressed shows that she is not impressed by the party.  Daisy does not like to live in the present and deal with day to day life. She doesn't like reality because that means responsibility and Daisy is irresponsible to an extreme.  Appearing to have fun and to be impressed allows Daisy to at least pretend to be enveloped by the festive atmosphere that allows and encourages irresponsibility.  The effect Daisy's attitude has on Gatsby is that he realizes she didn't really have a good time.  When Nick admonishes Jay, telling him not to expect too much of Daisy because the past can't be repeated, Jay responds with the odd comment, "...of course you can!" Jay will not deal with reality either.

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