Daisy's behaviorHow did Daisy behave after Gatsby goes overseas? What did her behavior show about her feelings for Gatsby?

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afi80fl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That's a good point; Daisy was most undoubtedly drawn to men who could maintain the standard of living to which she was accustomed.  The question here is whether or not she ever truly loved Gatsby.  I think she did; she went a bit hysterical when he left, and even thought about running away from Tom.  In fact, she may have loved Gatsby when she never really loved Tom.  Let's face it... Tom wasn't a very nice guy.  Daisy knew he had a woman (Myrtle) in the Valley of Ashes, yet she dealt with it through passive aggression and simple acceptance; she'd rather put up with it than risk losing her comfortable situation.

She has passion with Gatsby that she did not have with Tom, but it is short lived.  Her superficiality still shines through; she cries over his beautiful shirts when touring his closet.  However, when she finds out from Tom that he earned his fortune through illegal means (bootlegging) as opposed to inheritance handed down from established family wealth, things get nasty; she realizes it's more than money that she wants.  She needs to be part of the upper crust of society... something Gatsby or any other member of the new money could ever offer her.

sharrons eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In response to POST #3 

I question whether Daisy loved Tom or Gatsby.  She is very cold, selfish, and superficial and almost seems incapable of love.  She even seems cold and a bit distant with her daughter, Pammy.

Though I am not sure it could be called love, she has more emotional ties to Tom.  They have a history together, and have been through a lot together.  This is evident in chapter seven, after Myrtle has been murdered.  They are sitting together and Nick notes: "They weren't happy, .... and yet they weren't unhappy either.  There was an unmistakable air of natural intimacy about the picture." 

In my opinion, this is the closest Daisy comes to love.

wintermcy | Student

Daisy had been writing to Gatsby and had asked him to come home because she was tired of waiting. I believe her behavior shows that she doesn't like to patiently wait for anything (even for the one she "loves") so she goes on and marries Tom. I also believe she wants to maintain her appearance for in the book she had once said "rich girls don't marry poor boys"

abahamonde | Student
Daisy's behavior

How did Daisy behave after Gatsby goes overseas? What did her behavior show about her feelings for Gatsby?

Daisy decides to marry Tom once Gatsby leaves.  Tom belongs to the high social class and he has money and a good social position, things that Gatsby is not able to offer Daisy since Gatsby is poor.  Daisy's behavior shows that she never really cared for Gatsby since she marries someone else.  It also reveals Daisy as a superficial person who is only interested in maintaining appearances within her social class. 

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