In Great Expectations what is a common expectation between Estella and Pip?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip and Estella both expect to be part of the upper class.  Estella has been raised by the fairly insane Miss Havisham.  She follows Miss Havisham’s instructions, but never feels like she has control of her own life.  Pip also lacks direction, and just goes where his “expectations” lead him.

Estella’s first decision on her own is to marry Bentley Drumme, committing herself to a life of misery and flaunting both Esella and Pip.

“You should know,” said Estella. “I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame; take all the success, take all the failure; in short, take me.” (Chapter XXXVIII, p. 206)

Estella knows that Drummle will not treat her well.  She marries him anyway, because that way she can further hurt all of the other suitors.

When Pip finds out that Magwitch is his benefactor, his expectation to be a gentleman changes.  He goes back to a more common life, and learns to make money on his own and accept his humility.

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