In Great Expectations, how has Pip’s behavior developed to this point in the story?   Explain, use examples.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you want this question answered, you really have to specify what point in the story you are talking about.  In general, I will assume you are talking about the point where Pip is in London, because that is a natural place for this question.

Pip takes to being a gentleman well, in some respects.  He learns manners and how to get along in the right social circles.  He learns that not all wealthy people are happy.  Happiness turns out to be more elusive than he thought.  So is Estella.  Since his goal is to marry her, he intends to be a part of her circle.  She continues to tease him, but he gets nowhere with her and instead she takes up with Drummle.  Dummle is by far the most dispicable of the dispicable "gentlemen" in training that Pip meets.  Even the normally close Jaggers refers to him as Spider.

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