In Great Expectations ch. 46 how often is Pip to see Provis?

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Pip visits Provis once in chapter 46.

When Magwitch comes to town, Pip is surprised to say the least.  Besides being bummed that his benefactor was not Miss Havisham and shocked that the criminal from his childhood has returned, he is also frightened for Magwitch’s safety because he is not legally allowed in the country.  If found, he will be hanged.

Pip decides the best thing to do is call him Uncle Provis and send him to room with Mrs. Whimple, Clara’s landlady.  Pip does not want to be close by, because he does not want anyone to know they are associated.  Also, the place is near the water for a quick getaway.

In his two cabin rooms at the top of the house, which were fresh and airy, and in which Mr. Barley was less audible than below, I found Provis comfortably settled. (ch 46)

Herbert expresses pleasure that Provis can room with Clara’s landlady, because no one else will take the rooms due to a noisiness of Clara’s father, Bill Barley.  Pip is the nervous type, and he does not want to tell Magwitch about Compeyson but does tell him that Wemmick wants him to stay hidden.

This is a difficult period for Pip, because he is disappointed that nothing turned out the way he expected.  He is also beginning to feel paternal affection for Magwitch, and worries about his safety.


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