In Great Expectations chapter 5, what are Pip's thoughts throughout the hunt?

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When Pip first meets the convict, he is definitely scared.  However, he also sympathizes.  He brings the convict food and a file, and tells him to be careful.  He cares about him.  Therefore, when Pip finds out that the police are after his convict, he is worried about him. 

He is also afraid that the convict will tell on Pip.  At first, Pip is “in an agony of apprehension” (ch 5, p. 23).  He thinks he is going to be arrested.  When he realizes that the convicts are not for him, he relaxes a little.  During the hunt, he is nervous the entire time.  Every sound scares him until he realizes it is not a sign of the convict.

When the convicts are caught, everyone marches quietly.  Pip keeps an eye on Magwitch to see what he will do.

My convict never looked at me, except that once. (ch 5, p. 28)

In the end, Magwitch does not rat him out.  Instead, he confesses to stealing from the blacksmith to keep Pip from getting in trouble.  That’s the end of the adventure.

Pip is a timid child with a vivid imagination.  He always thinks he is in mortal danger for some minor transgression.  This small incident marks an interesting exchange between Pip and Magwitch.  Magwitch protects Pip, as Pip has protected Magwitch.

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