In the Great Council (Book Two of Paradise Lost), what is Mammon's advice to the group??

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Book Two of John Milton's Paradise Lost, the council of devils and demons come together (in their new capitol Pandemonium) to discuss what options they have regarding their next steps.

After being exiled from heaven, the devils and demons discuss possible revenge upon God. After Moloch votes to declare war on heaven and God, Belial stands and states that war is not the way. Belial believes that the exiled should support peace. Belial believes that if they simply stay in hell, and not arouse God's wrath, hell could be the sanctuary they all need.

 Mammon is the third to speak at the council. Mammon believes that the devils and demons should follow Belial's advice and become open to their existence in hell. Mammon states that while in hell God cannot have power over them. Mammon tells the others that hell can have the same riches which heaven does.

Heaven resembles Hell!

Compose our present evils, with regard
Of what we are and where, dismissing quite
All thoughts of war. Ye have what I advise.

Therefore, Mammon advises the demons and devils that they should stay in hell, away from God, and find their own heaven in hell.