In Great Britain, what percentage of the population makes up the elite upper class? 1, 4, 11, or 18?

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The most current data that I could find regarding that question was a 2013 survey.  The findings were published in the Journal of Sociology and the results were presented at a conference of the British Sociological Association.  The total number of people surveyed was over 160,000 people, which gives a very large sample pool.  The survey identified a total of seven different social classes within United Kingdom society.  Unfortunately, the percentage of people that were identified as elite upper class does not match any of the percentages that are listed in the question.  The percentage that I was able to find, at least in 2013, was that 6% of the population is classified as elite.  I will attach the full article, so that you may look over the data tables yourself.  

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In Great Britain, what percentage of population makes up elite upper class?

1,4,11 0r 18