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Gravimetric determinination.Answer the following to determine the soluable sulfate content of a solid sample by precipitation of insoluable BaSO4 a) How do you calculate the volume of 10% (wt/v) barium chloride solution needed to completely precipitate SO4^2-? Assuming the unknown soluble sulfate is Na2SO4 b) Use these conventions to show the calculations necessary to determine the mass (in mg) of sulfate per gram of unknown solid sample. Mass of unknown sample (g): Use the variable "a" to represent this value Mass of BaSO4 (g): Use the variable "b" to represent this value

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We can write the equation of the reactions to be:

BaCl2 + Na2SO4  --->  BaSO4 + 2NaCl

The mass of the unknown soluble sulphate should be given in order to solve for the volume of the BaCl2 solution. The procedure for the determination of the volume of BaCl2 solution is as follows:

1. From the mass of the...

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