In The Great Gatsby, Nick lives in an eye-sore of a house in the less-fashionable West Egg because he is too poor to what ?Take home quiz

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At any point that there are specific answers for an assessment as direct as a take home quiz, I would strongly suggest reviewing whatever notes your instructor has given or whatever has been discussed in class.  If there is a specific answer being sought, this might and probably should take priority over other answers that are sought outside of the classroom setting.  Having said this, I think that one could probably place many different type of answers that consist of the same basis in the blank.  For one thing, Nick is a bit too poor off to live in East Egg. He has left his Midwest roots and the hardware business that is in his family in the hopes of hitting it big in the bond market.  Due to the fact that he is starting out in this endeavor, he does not have a great deal of money and his Midwest background is well off, but not of the wealth or status of East Egg people like Tom Buchanan.  This might be a potential answer to your question.

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