y - 3 = 3(x + 1)

first turn this into a Y= mx+b form


y= 3x+6

the slope, or m, in this case, 3, is always rise/run, so rise 3 run 1 from the y-intercept 6, so start at 6, then go up 3 spaces, and over one space, and place a dot, from that dot go up three spaces and then over one and create your line. 

taangerine | Student

 Rewrite the following equation: y - 3 = 3(x + 1)

  • Add 3 to both sides. `y=3(x+1)+3`
  • Distribute the 3 to x+1. `y=3(x)+3(1)+3`
  • Simplify. `y=3x+6`

Based on the `y=mx+b`

  • m stands for slope. In this case, m=3
  • b stands for y-intercept. In this case, b=6

Graph the y-intercept first. [It should just be a point at (0,6)]. Then, using the slope and do rise/run. In this case, it is 3/1 or... 3 up and 3 down. You can stop after you find the point or you can continue until you feel like stopping. No matter what, the equation is linear and will ALWAYS be a straight line. So, if it becomes crooked for any reason, there was an error & that need to be fixed. In the end, the equation should be graphed as 


aruv | Student

We have to plot graph of the function y-3=3(x+1). Let us write function as,


=> y=3x+6                (i)

It  intersects x- axis at  x= -2 and y axis at y=6. It will represent a straight line which passes through (-2,0) and (0,6).