Graph. x+y<-1 I know I have to subtract the x and make it to y<-x+1 but how do I get the coordinates to plot and graph it.?

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x + y < -1

subtract x from both sides to get...

y < -1 - x

now create a t-chart for x and y coordinates. pick numbers for x and substitute them into the inequality to find the value of y

x     y

0     -1 - 0 = -1

1     -1 - 1 = -2

2     -1 - 2 = -3

so three coordinates are (0, -1), (1, -2), and (2, -3)

graph these points and connect with a dashed line because the symbol is < not =

finally shade below the line (because it is less than)

the bottom left side of the graph would be shaded




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